Getting There

Just finished week three and I am actually ahead of where I need to be as far as the word count goes. As I approach 44,000 word there seems to be a different problem with having a specific target for which to aim. As I get within a few thousand word of the 50,000 needed, I am getting concern about wrapping things up too quickly. I realize that as a story nears the climax the escalating action need to come quicker and quicker, but I should not have to forego any character beats. I am beginning to have trouble letting the story breath and find its own way forward. That has been the one thing I have tried to do this month. To not preplan over much as to where the story will lead. It has brought about not just a few surprises. Surprises that I welcome. Surprises that have led in completely different direction then the vague notions in my head would have taken me. Surprises that have made it fun. I just need to sit down, shut up and let those surprises come.

The next post will likely not be in a week. It will be when this finished. Whether that finish line is a few words over 50,000 or well past that number I will have to wait and see.

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