Bored Meeting

You’re in an epic pun off; whit is spewing out of your mouth and your opponent’s mouth with punishing purpose. What are some sweet puns you could use to really wipe the smile off your opponent’s face? Make sure not to frown on the worst of puns either—they’re all beautiful. Write this scene and battle of puns.

“Gilbert, please tell me you are not wearing that to the meeting,” asked Judy.

Gilbert replied by spinning the propeller on his beanie and saying, “Of course, I am. It’s ironic.”

“No, Gil, it’s not. If you had beat up nerds in high school then it would be ironic, but you were a nerd in high school. You are still a nerd. It’s not ironic. It’s apropos.”

“Whatever”, said Gilbert as he opened the door to the board room.

They took their seat near the middle of the long board conference table and waited for the last few stragglers to show. When everyone was seated, Stan stood up and said, “If you have read the recent company memo, you know that I am preparing to take a six month hiatus, the reason for which I will not go into. The reason for this meeting is to announce who will take my place during that time.

“I had narrowed it down to a couple of people in this room. It wasn’t until I saw him that I knew who my choice was. Gilbert stand up please. It’s you,” finished Stan.

Judy promptly spoke up and asked, “May I ask why he is your pick?”

Stan smiled and said, “Simple. The whirly nerd gets the firm.”

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