Tabletop Gaming

In light of my reawakened obsession with board games, I added a gaming page to my website. Back in the before time during my elementary school period, I owned an extensive collection of Milton Bradley and then Parker Brother games. I was the go to guy for the other kids in the neighborhood when they wanted to play a board game. Since the hobby has seen a resurgence, I have rediscovered my love of it.

I discovered the burgeoning growth in the hobby after finding the web series Tabletop with Will Wheaton. By watching him play games with his friends, I saw the new style of board game. They were no longer the roll and move games of my childhood or the intensive war-games of later years. They were like nothing I had seen before. Coinciding, my family started game nights about once a month. All with no provocation by me I might add. A little later, a friend invited me to dinner. I took one of the games my family liked playing. That lit a spark. We now have a game night every Friday or Saturday.

We interest took me to Google where I found a plethora of websites all about gaming. Board Game Geek is the definitive source for all thing gaming. Shut Up and Sit Down is where these British guys review and play games with an amble dose of humor. The Dice Tower is a website and YouTube channel where Tom Vassal regales us about the industry. There are more game publisher than I can count. I cannot begin to tell how many lunch hours I have wasted browsing these and other site.

The plan is to add to these page, my continue investigation into this hobby. We’ll see what happens.

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