Starting 2015

I have started Nanowrimo this year and just reached my daily word count of 1,667 (actually reached 1757). Last years success is still being worked on. It reached chapter 12 of eighteen before November first. Its word count has grown from 78,000 to 90,000 so I have had some success in that regard (I hope to reach 100,000). I have had a few people read my revised chapters, and gotten some feedback which has been helpful. I could use more, but I will not push them too hard. I will also try to post here more about my progress on this years project. The comments I got last year did help.

As to the story this year, I have even less idea where it is going than I did the story last year. Whether this is a good or a bad thing will remain to be seen. It is planned to be a prequel to a story I attempted a couple of years ago. If I am successful in completing it, I may gain traction on its successor. I really only have idea for where it starts and where it ends. The stuff in between is really vague.

So, wish me luck. I will see you later.


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